International Business - Dual Degrees & Dual Majors

The Atlantis Scholar Double Degree Program

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The College has entered into a unique arrangement with the University of Strasbourg (France) that provides our students the opportunity to earn a European Bachelor’s degree in International Business from our European partner. Canisius International Business majors spend one full academic year in France.  The course work fulfills the requirements for an International Business degree from both Canisius and the University of Strasbourg. Students do not increase the length of their undergraduate programs. This option is available only to International Business majors.

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Dual Majors

Because the International Business program is already interdisciplinary, it is very easy for students to fulfill a dual major. Students are encouraged to consider this option. The International Business major can easily be combined with one of several other business majors. Students can also form a dual major with French, German, Spanish or International Relations, especially when combined with a study abroad semester.