International Business - International Travel & Study

International Travel & Study

A study abroad opportunity is an important part of the international business program.  Study abroad programs provide the opportunity to strengthen fluency in other languages, enhance knowledge of global relations, and deepen the understanding of cultural and societal differences and similarities.  Canisius sponsors semester long experiences at affiliated universities in France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, England, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Peru, Brazil, China and Japan.  Students who study abroad take classes that fulfill graduation requirements so they can stay on track for graduation.

Sustainability in Brazil and Other Latin American Countries

Students from Canisius College travel each year to both the cities and rainforests of Brazil to participate in ongoing efforts to develop sustainable living, business and agricultural practices.  For many of the students, the experience is life changing.  Students return from their travels with new insights about the interconnected nature of our global environmental crisis and observe similarities between the challenges in Brazil and here at home in New York State.   In Western New York, we sit at the edge of the Great Lakes which contain 20% of the world's fresh water.  After returning from Brazil and observing the environmental challenges faced by the people there, students better understand the great responsibility we have to protect and preserve the valuable natural resources we enjoy here at home while at the same time providing opportunities for sustainable businesses and communities. 
According to Dr. Coral Snodgrass, Director of the International Business Program, "We've had students start 'green businesses' and begin new career paths in organizations committed to improving the environment as a result of their experience in Brazil.  It’s simply amazing how this trip engages and captivates the student's interest."  Students prepare for their Brazil experience by enrolling in a spring course called Sustainable Development in Brazil which Dr. Snodgrass developed with her colleague, Dr. Ronald Rivas.  For additional information about participating in the Sustainability Brazil Project, contact Dr. Snodgrass or Dr. Rivas.


International Case Competition

Students from Canisius College travel each year to Boston to participate in an international case competition.  Canisius is one of only 20 International Business programs invited to participate.  The teams are given only 24 hours to develop an international strategy for a firm.  This intense and highly competitive program gives our students a taste of the fast and furious world of international business. 

Crossing Borders Conference

Crossing Borders is an annual student conference held by the Golden Horseshoe Educational Alliance, an alliance of 28 colleges and universities across New York and Ontario, Canada. The conference brings together Canadian and American students to discuss the issues of working and living in the border region. Canisius international business students can participate in this conference and present papers they have developed in their business courses.