International Business - Internships & Careers


All students in the program are encouraged to participate in an internship.  This may take place at one of the many international agencies in the area, such as the

  • World Trade Center Buffalo-Niagara
  • The International Institute or the Buffalo World trade Association
  • Private firms with an international clientele, including Rich Products  

Internships can be combined with the study abroad experience. As an example, students studying in Lima, Peru have the opportunity to do an internship with Colgate-Palmolive in Lima. 

Career Opportunities

Virtually any company doing business today would benefit from having an employee who understands how business is conducted globally, has some experience with a foreign language and is a seasoned international traveler. Graduates of the program will find careers in such fields as international banking, importing and exporting, and international sales and marketing. Students can also find jobs with companies that support international transactions, such as global logistics firms and freight forwarders. In addition to private firms, many economic development agencies need people who understand international business. The program will also be a good foundation for students who want to go on to graduate school to study international business, international relations or law.