Physics Collaborative Opportunities

The Physics Department enjoys close collaborations with scientists in other departments with related research interests. Industrial collaborations have expanded in recent years with the growth of the “high-tech” base in Buffalo. The strong support of basic and applied research by Canisius College has enabled the development of new research directions in the Physics Department, and is an indication of a deep commitment to academic excellence.

Support Services for Physics Majors

These services at Canisius College assist you in finding your place in physics.

STUDENT ADVISORS — All students should have an advisor in the major and should work closely with their advisor in discussing career expectations, choosing their major electives, developing their entire academic program and selecting their research opportunities. Advising is particularly important for Physics majors due to the highly structured curriculum and numerous course prerequisites. They are:

FREE PIZZA LUNCHES WITH PHYSICS FACULTY — Talk with your professors about what’s giving you the most trouble, and find out how they handled it. Everything is less stressful when accompanied by pizza and blue cheese! Two or three times per semester.

RECITATION COURSES — These weekly companion classes are offered with certain introductory Physics classes. Recitation courses provide the chance to address any questions you may have about the information being covering in class. Professors may go into more specifics about homework.

RESEARCH OPEN HOUSE — We encourage all physics students to participate in summer research. Research Open Houses are offered to inform you of the research done in our department.

SENIOR PROJECT  A senior project is an experimental or theoretical study on a topic of the student's choice. By working closely with the faculty advisor, the student chooses a senior project topic that is based on her or his interests and background.

STUDENT CLUBS  Meet with other students who have an interest in physics (Society of Physics Students) or electronics (Electronica) in a fun, social setting.‚Äč