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WNY Sibshop

Care for siblings

The WNY Sibshop at Canisius College is a project that is dedicated to the common concerns and challenges faced by the siblings of individuals with developmental disorders.

We believe that having a family member with a serious developmental disorder exerts a profound effect on the lives of the whole family. Therefore, we will work to increase opportunities for peer support and information for the siblings of such individuals. We also hope to increase the overall understanding of ways that parents and health providers can better relate to and address sibling issues.

Our mission will be accomplished by training undergraduate and graduate students to act as facilitators in conducting activities for the young siblings of individuals with a serious developmental disorder. We will provide an environment where the siblings feel safe, comfortable, and may openly talk about their relationships with their brothers and sisters.  The program will include games, discussions, and bonding experiences for the siblings who attend. This is a time for them to feel as special as they indeed are. It is also important to the WNY Sibshop at Canisius College to spread an awareness of siblings’ ever-changing and important concerns about their family through our workshops, websites, and our written research.