Religious Studies and Theology

Undergraduate: Major, Minor

College of Arts & Sciences

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Program Description

Religion is an essential part of our human culture, both in the past and today. The study of religion allows you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and people of other religious traditions who make up our diverse community and world. Consider religious studies as a pathway to graduate school and many career opportunities.

Offered in the Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person, the program provides in-depth coursework while offering learning opportunities outside the classroom. You will study Jewish and Christian Scripture along with other religions, giving you distinct perspectives on various faiths.

Work closely with faculty to design a program that fits with your overall educational and career goals. The program includes a seminar that explores methods in studying religion, two courses on Christian scripture, and one on a non-Christian world religion. You will culminate your learning with a senior thesis, which many students regard as a highlight of the major.

Highlighted Courses:

  • RST 224: Islam: Tradition and Revival
  • RST 312: Race, Ethnicity, and the New Testament
  • RST 45: Bio-Moral Problems
  • RST 360: Magic, Science, and Religion


The seven full-time faculty all received their PhDs from high caliber universities and conduct on-going research in their fields. Several have received awards from the college for their teaching, research, and service.


full-time faculty members hold PhDs and conduct research in diverse areas of religion

Ignatian Seminar Program

Majors are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs. Internships can be arranged for course credit and volunteer opportunities are available mainly through campus ministry.

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