ROTC Nursing

The Golden Griffin Army ROTC Battalion provides an opportunity for college nursing students attending The State University of NY at Buffalo (UB) and D'Youville College to  cross-enroll in the Army ROTC program at Canisius. Students are challenged; mentally, emotionally and physically.  The program teaches them to develop critical management, communication, and decision-making skills that will augment their Nursing Education experience.

Upon successful completion of both their educational requirements and the ROTC program, students are commissioned as Second Lieutenant's in the United States Army. Students are branched in the Army Nurse Corps upon NCLEX certification.

After Graduation

Cadets who complete the Army ROTC program and requirements for their nursing degree will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army.  In order to be accepted into the Army Nurse Corps and enter active duty, the newly commissioned officer must pass the  (National Council Licensure Examination)NCLEX.  Upon successfully passing the NCLEX, all nursing officers will attend the Basic Officer Learship Course (BOLC) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. There they will study basic army knowledge and the functioning of an army unit. The first assignment, which is determined by evaluating college performance, ROTC standing, and personal preferences, can be at one of the 8 Medical Treatment Facilities in the Continental United States, Hawaii, or Germany.  

After working as an army nurse on active duty for one year they are eligible to attend a clinical specialty course of their choice.  The course choices are: Perioperative Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing, Psychiatric / Mental Health Nursing, Emergency Nursing, and Community Health Nursing. 

Service Obligation

The service obligation for students who accept the Army ROTC Nursing Scholarship is eight years; if selected for Active Duty the student would serve four years on active duty.  At the completion of the four years, the officer could elect to continue on active duty or enter the Army Reserve component for the remaining service obligation. There is also an Army Reserve/ National Guard Option in which a college student would work in the civilian sector and serve their service obligation in the Reserve Component (Army Reserves, Army National Guard).

Non-scholarship Cadets service obligation is eight years; if selected for Active Duty the student would serve three years on active duty. At the completion of the first three years, the nurse officer may elect to continue on active duty or fenter the Army Reserve Component for their remaining service obligation.

For more information about the Army Nurse Corps,  the Army ROTC program, or scholarships, please contact us.