ROTC Scholarships

The Army ROTC Scholarship can be used for either full tuition & fees, or as room & board scholarship, it also provides a book stipend, and a subsistence (living allowance) while enrolled in college. There are several types of scholarships available.

High School Students

Compete through a Centralized Board process.

Scholarship applications are found on line at

The application window opens June 12 and closes January 10

High school students can begin the application process following their junior year in high school and have until January 10th of their senior year to initiate an application. If you have questions about the application process contact 888-3239.

College Students

Compete through a Campus Based Board Process

There are several types of ROTC Scholarships –if you have further questions about the numerous types of scholarships available or if you have specific questions about the Golden Griffin Battalion process

*Contact or call 888-3239 for more information or stop by the ROTC Department located on the first floor of the Health Science Building (corner of Jefferson & Delavan Avenues)