Spanish Faculty Student Collaboration

Student Teaching Integration

Students find a variety of ways to incorporate the Spanish material into their educational experience. One student even incorporated Spanish films and culture into his student teaching plan at the Tapestry Charter School in Buffalo.

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CEEP and Clubs

Our faculty work closely with our CEEP student research assistants and our club leaders (Sigma Delta Pi and LASAF). In addition, we teach courses in Honors College, and we offer Griff101 courses for Freshmen students. The program is closely tied with other programs including International Relations, Service Learning, Women’s Studies, International Business, Latin American Studies, and, increasingly, Pre-Med and ABEC.

After Graduation

It's common for our faculty to remain friends with students, long after graduation. Students often return to chat over a cup of coffee, sometimes for advice, or to share the newest adventures in their lives. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job: to share with our students as they journey through life.