Sport Administration Alumni Outcomes

John Cebelek

Canisius afforded me the opportunity for personal and professional growth through a quality education, as well as numerous exciting and influential networking opportunities. Canisius has an excellent network of individuals working throughout the intercollegiate athletics industry, and I am proud to be a part of it today. As a student, the knowledge I gained and topics that were discussed in the classroom (as well as with individual faculty and staff members) are applicable to the workplace, and I was able to directly apply those skills in my professional career.

Bill Herman

The Master’s in Sport Administration program at Canisius College prepared me well for a career in the sports and entertainment industry. In addition to the MSA coursework, I was able to take advantage of a multitude of learning opportunities both within the campus as well as in the local sports community. Combined with a lot of hard work, the program ultimately helped me land an internship--and eventual job – in Dallas at Reunion Arena, then American Airlines Center, and currently the Dallas Stars Hockey Club.

Kristen Janosko

My experience at Canisius was so valuable because it really forced me to get experience in the professional world. My program was all about "hands-on" experience, which is so much more important than just reading a book. As a Graduate Assistant in the Athletic Department, I was responsible for many tasks and events that helped teach me how to excel in the marketing/events world. I am very grateful for the people I met and the time I had at Canisius.

Troy Killian

My time spent at Canisius in the MSA program was instrumental in the growth of me personally and professionally. Professionally the connections the MSA program has to the local sports community helped me secure multiple internships over the 2 years that I was in Buffalo. I also know the expansive reach of the Alumni base (not only in the USA but around the world) that can be called on is a fantastic. Personally I still keep in contact with multiple students and a few professors from my time at Canisius.

Jordan Kindervater

My experience in the MSA program has elevated my vision as a college coach. Being involved in athletics my whole life has given me the first-hand experience necessary to succeed in the world of college athletics. Pairing that with the coursework has helped me plan my future and be a more effective coach and educator and hopefully will lead to becoming athletic director someday. I will always look back at my time in the MSA program as a huge turning point in my career.

Scott Loffler

If it were not for Shawn O’Rouke and the Canisius MSA program, I would not be in the position I am in today. Not only did he and the program open my eyes to the Buffalo sports community, it also opened up many doors that I otherwise would not have been able to get my foot in. Canisius helped me grow as a student, a professional, and as a person. My education there has been invaluable to things I do each and every day.

Matthew Lozar

Canisius afforded me the opportunity to earn my Master's Degree in sport administration and also work as a graduate assistant in the athletic department. This opportunity allowed me to obtain an advanced degree in a field that really interested me and also allowed me to get real experiences as a member of the athletic communications department. That combination reaffirmed my desire to pursue a career in athletics.

Sam Migliano

I have used the tools and resources that I gained in the MSA program to team members and college interns on the real life experiences related to sports management. I found most useful was the practicum situations one must learn in this industry in order to succeed and bringing diverse experiences among professionals in our industry. This experience has shaped me to learning strategies, critical thinking, time management, building relationships, and leadership with new information and cutting-edge trends, topics and technology in our industry. The MSA program provides real life experiences to students and offers support to help one ultimately succeed in college and in pursuit of their professional career.

Sean O'Brien

The MSA program provided me an opportunity to gain hands on experience and valuable networking opportunities with established professionals in the Sports Industry. The extensive alumni network consists of proven leaders in the profession who are eager to provide knowledge, resources and opportunities to students in the program. During my final semester I began an internship with the Buffalo Bills as a Customer Service Representative. My direct supervisor with the Bills was also a graduate of the MSA program. He served as a great mentor and provided me with guidance, knowledge and unique insight in to the business of sports. The tremendous support of the faculty, professors, and alumni is what separates the MSA program from the rest.

Peter Petrella

The Canisius Sports Administration prepared me to be successful in my career in professional sports. When I started the program, they told me that I would go to school at night and work in the industry during the day. I was asked if I wanted to work in professional sports or college. I chose professional and they had contacts with the pro sports teams in town. I started an internship with the Buffalo Bills, while going to school at night. This structure and curriculum was customized to prepare me for a full-time position, and luckily I secured a position with the Bills and worked my way up to a Sr level position with the team before leaving for my current role with the Buffalo Sabres.

Anastas Spiros

The MSA program at Canisius College was extremely helpful in my development as a Coach and an overall Sports Professional. The detailed courses offered in both Professional and Amateur issues in Sports provided me with a wide variety of knowledge and insight. The application of "real life" scenarios and study of current events in Sports, prepared me to handle a number of situations that arise in day-to-day operations. Most importantly, the MSA program focused on how to deal with people. Communication and leadership were a big part of our Mason Cup Championship with Western Michigan University, and Calder Cup Championship with the Grand Rapids Griffins. Furthermore, the MSA program offered me the flexibility to work around my own schedule when I was a young coach at Lebanon Valley College. I am proud to be an alumnus of such a great program!

Jon Taylor

My experience at Canisius was unique. I did my graduate degree all online. The Sports Administration Master Program was great. Even though I didn't actually go physically to the school, I felt like I was apart of the program through the communication of email and angel messaging. I would recommend the program to anyone that is working full time and traveling a lot.

Robert Tigani

I loved the small class sizes and the learning environment that Canisius provided. I didn’t know what to expect coming from a big state school (Go Gamecocks!), but I wound up enjoying everything about my time at Canisius. Canisius helped me grow not just as a student, but as a person and a professional. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my time at Canisius. The MSA program set me up for immediate and future success in college athletics. Go Griffs!