Pre-Accelerated Nursing (RN) Program Pathway

Please note that the course information listed on the charts below refer to requirements for a degree in the Biology Major and any required or highly recommended (as noted) courses for successful admittance into an Accelerated Nursing (RN) Program. Courses required for graduation outside of the the major or for Accelerated Nursing program admittance (i.e. for the Canisius Core or All-College Honors Core Curricula) are not included.

Students actively pursuing this pathway should keep in regular contact with Dr. Allyson Backstrom in the Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions Office to keep up with any potential changes to the path below, in conjunction with their regular Biology Major advising sessions.


BIO 111/L (Introductory Biology I with Lab) BIO 112/L (Introduction Biology II with Lab)
CHM 111/L (General Chemistry I with Lab) CHM 112/L (General Chemistry II with Lab)
MAT 111 (Calculus I)

MAT 141 (Inferential Statistics and Computers for Science) 
or PSY 201 (Basic Statistics for Behavioral Sciences)

FYS 101 (Explorations of Academic Writing and Special Topics)
or HON 101 (Honors English)
ENG 101 (Writing about Literature)
or any HON literature course


BIO 211/L (Biochemistry and Cellular Biology I with Lab) BIO 212/L (Biochemistry and Cellular Biology II with Lab)
CHM 227/L (Organic Chemistry I with Lab) CHM 228/L (Organic Chemistry II with Lab)
PSY 101 (Introduction to Psychology I)
or PSY 102 (Introduction to Psychology II)*
* [Flexibility when taken]

BIO 351 (Biology Seminar I) 

  SOC 110 (Introduction to Sociology)*
* [Flexibility when taken]


PHY 201/L (College Physics I with Lab) PHY 202/L (College Physics II with Lab)
BIO 340/L (Physiology with Lab) BIO 324/L (Human Anatomy with Lab)
BIO 109 (Nutrition)
or HED 115 (Basic Nutrition)*
* [Flexibility when taken]

PSY 203 (Lifespan Developmental Psychology)*
* [Flexibility when taken]


BIO 307/L (Microbiology with lab) ANY BIO Upper Level/Elective(s) with or without lab as needed
BIO 353 (Biology Seminar II)  
Any BIO Upper Level/Elective(s) with or without lab as needed  

Courses Uniquely Required by Particular Programs:

The following courses are offered to Canisius undergraduate students at the University at Buffalo through a special Consortium Agreement. Please speak with Dr. Allyson Backstrom for more information.

Pharmacology (Required by University at Buffalo Accelerated Nursing Program)

Pathophysiology (Required by University at Buffalo and by Niagara University Accelerated Nursing Programs)