Urban Studies

Undergraduate: Major

College of Arts & Sciences

This program is not currently accepting new applications at this time. If you have questions, please email admissions@canisius.edu.

Program Description

Urban studies are part of the social sciences and a field vital to careers in urban planning, government, law and non-profit work, to name a few. Such study addresses issues that affect our everyday lives such as economic growth, public education, health, housing, and poverty. If work in public service interests you, Urban Studies is a recommended program.

The program is designed as a dual-major, enabling you to combine urban studies with a first major such as criminal justice, economics, political science, history, sociology or anthropology. Coursework, lectures, discussions and hands-on experiences prepare you with the skills necessary for professional work in urban and public administration.

Internships and research are integral to the program and you will have internship opportunities at the state, local and national levels. These may include local offices of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or New York State Assembly for example. You will also be well-prepared to continue in graduate programs in urban planning if you choose.

Highlighted Courses

  • ECO 310 - Metropolitan Economic Development and GIS
  • HIS 373 - Urban Portraits: Topics in Urban History
  • PSC 237 - State and Local Politics
  • PSC 334 - Public Administration
  • PSC 336 - Urban Government and Politics


The college is located in Buffalo, a city representative of urban America in the 21st century and a real-world laboratory for you to explore and learn about urban life from a variety of perspectives.


of students in the program who apply for internships receive them


of faculty hold a PhD or other advanced degree

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