Alumni Student Interview Program

The Alumni Interview program at Canisius College is an opportunity for prospective students to meet a Canisius alumnus from their hometown.  The goal is to assist students in discovering if Canisius is the right fit for them.  The goal for our alumni participants is to represent the College in a positive way and to provide feedback to the College about the applicant’s personal qualities and interests.  

What is the Alumni Interview?

The interview is an opportunity to learn more about Canisius and to have a conversation with an engaged Canisius alumnus.

Am I required to participate in an Alumni Interview?

If an alumnus reaches out to you for an interview, we encourage you to go. While interviews are not mandatory for admission to Canisius, they are helpful in the evaluation process. 

Where will the interview take place?

The alumnus will plan to meet you in a neutral location. Feel free to dress casually. Do not bring your resume or transcript with you. Our alumni are not there to evaluate your academic rigor or your extracurricular participation. 

I’m nervous, how should I prepare for the interview?

Don’t be nervous! Come prepared to discuss your interest in Canisius and with any questions you may have. If your alumnus cannot answer them, they will direct you to the appropriate person at the College. 

Remember, our alumni are not admissions officers. They are simply volunteers who care about the College and want to be helpful! Our interview is meant to serve as an opportunity for you to meet someone who had a great experience while at Canisius. While they will be answering some questions after your interview that will be added to your admissions application, the interview is not a make or break in the process. It is simply an additive part of your application and only stands to highlight how amazing you are! 

I was not offered an interview but would like one.

Currently, we are only offering interviews in the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, NYC, and Boston area. If you live outside of these regions and would like an Alumni Interview, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to request one.

If you have any feedback regarding your interview experience, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 716-888-2200 or at