Alumni Interview Program

Why are we starting an Alumni Interview Program?

We decided to start an Alumni Interview Program in an effort to facilitate meaningful conversations between our prospective students and our alumni. We know it to be true that students who engage with alumni during the application process are more likely to attend the institution over those students who do not have that experience. We also strongly believe that our alumni are our best ambassadors because they can articulate the experience and value of a Jesuit education.  

As an alumnus, why should I volunteer?

If you loved your experience at Canisius and are looking for a way to give back, then being part of our Alumni Interview Program might be a great option for you!

As an alumnus, are there specific places where interviews are happening?

Yes, in our inaugural year, we have targeted areas of the country where we have strong regional chapters in an effort to implement using the chapters as a base. If you are interested in interviewing and do not live in WNY, Rochester, Syracuse, NYC, or Boston, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement. Our ability to match you with a potential applicant outside of our target regions will be dependent on our applicant pool.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

You must fill out the Principles of Good Practice and Confidentiality Agreement, which can be found here. Please send an email to with your completed agreement. 

To watch the Alumni Interview Program training video, please click here.

We look forward to your participation! 


  • Eligibility Requirements