Alumni Sodality Group

The Sodality is an association founded by the Society of Jesus and approved by the Holy See.  It was originated by the Jesuit Order in 1563.  The religious aim of this Society the fostering in its members an ardent devotion, reverence and filial love towards the Blessed Virgin Mary. Therefore, a Sodality for students as existed at Cansius College since its founding in 1870.

The Canisius Alumni Sodality was founded on May 3, 1896. At that time the College was located on Washington Street, adjacent to St. Michael’s Church. There, a small group of Alumni formed what today is the oldest society in the Canisius College Family.

From the onset, membership in the Alumni Sodality was open to all [not only Alumni] Catholic gentlemen [and now ladies] of “liberal learning” to share in its “spiritual and social advantages.”

Since this beginning, this group has met, uninterruptedly, on the first Sunday of the month from October through May to pray the Rosary, celebrate Mass and recite special Sodality prayers.  There is also the opportunity to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation. After these services, the members enjoy a breakfast followed by a stimulating talk given by a guest speaker.

During the entire period of existence, the Sodalists have participated in various programs designed to bring about a bigger and more widely respected institution at Canisius College. Some of these fundraising programs have included scholarships, the original construction of buildings on the present Campus including Loyola Hall, Christ the King Chapel and the student center. The Sodality has an endowed scholarship, the Peter J. Martin Scholarship. The organ in the Chapel is a gift of the Canisius Alumni Sodality.

Today the Sodality has over 70 members, more than 45 are active on a monthly basis. The Sodality gains new members each year. It has the same goals that is has had throughout the years and looks forward to a new initiative of sponsoring the Service Trips though the office of Campus Ministry at Canisius College.