Biology Pre-Med Student Letter

Mark Lawler I grew up outside Albany, NY, and came to Canisius in 2013. I came in as a biology major on a pre-med track and graduated in 2017. I also was a part of the All-College Honors program. I am currently a second- year medical student at UB’s Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

I am sure you are very anxious about choosing what college to attend next year. For me, choosing a school was about finding the right fit— academically, socially and geographically. On the academic front, what attracted me was the classroom environment and the interactions between students and professors. I led a service trip to Washington D.C. focused on social justice in health care, participated in a medical mission to Nicaragua, and tutored refugee children in Buffalo. Opportunities like these shaped who I am today and put me on an exciting and rewarding career path in primary care medicine.

I would sum up the Canisius experience like this: be prepared for four years that will encourage you to explore, learn, grow and have fun. You will be supported as an individual and young adult rather than simply a student. I cannot speak highly enough of my Canisius education.

Mark Lawler




Mark Lawler

Canisius College, Class of 2017

University at Buffalo School of Medicine, Class of 2021