Biology Student Letter

Congratulations on your acceptance to Canisius College! I remember being in your situation only a few years ago and understand the stressful nature of the application process. Over the next few months, you’ll have to make one of the most momentous decisions of your life in deciding where to continue your Matthew Brodkaeducation. However, I’d like to personally assure you that as a prospective student considering Canisius, you’re already on a path to success.

As a junior biology major, I have discovered that Canisius College is the ideal place for anyone interested in studying the natural sciences. I’ve already presented my organic chemistry research at the Western New York American Chemical Society Undergraduate Symposium and dissected the abdominal cavity of a cat during anatomy class. I’ve studied behavioral neuroscience, determined the value of gravity in physics lab, and had the incredible opportunity to tutor younger science majors.

Along the way, small class sizes and nurturing learning environments have allowed me to develop personal relationships with all my professors. Unlike the faceless students at other universities taking courses from teaching assistants in massive lecture halls, I’m comforted by the fact that my instructors know my name and never hesitate to answer my questions during class. Canisius has empowered me to pursue my passion for science and positioned me for future success. I’m certain it will do the same for you.

Best regards,

Matthew Berardi

Matthew Berardi
Canisius College, Class of 2020