Student Experiences

The generosity of Canisius Fund donors – year after year – is the reason distinctive learning experiences like these are possible. Thank you.

Sheanell Cutts ’17, Sociology

"Each summer the Institute for the Global Study of Religion sponsors the Ignatian Seminar program, a month long summer immersion course taught in third world locations.  Last summer, through this program, I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania. It was a life-enhancing experience. While there I engaged with Tanzanian children, learned about their culture, daily lives, and official language. I visited local hospitals, schools, churches, and family homes. This experience molded me into an interconnected individual, and greatly expanded my cultural, social, and spiritual knowledge of East Africa. To the donors whose support made this possible - thank you! I will be forever appreciative."

Gary Johal 18’, Biochemistry 

"The Chemistry Summer Research Program gave me the opportunity to begin conducting research during my freshmen year. At a larger institution, the opportunity to work in undergraduate research is reserved for upperclassmen. Being able to bring the principles from the classroom to a real-world setting so early in my academic career helps me understand what I’ve learned more fully.  It also provides me with invaluable perspective as I pursue a degree in Biochemistry.  I am very grateful to the college’s benefactors whose support makes opportunities like this possible." 

 Sarah Battaglia Hrywnak MBA '16 

"Last year I travelled to Santo Antonio as part of the Sustainable Development in Brazil course. While there I spent time at Sinal do Vale, an innovative organic farm, reforestation and community resilience project. This experience provided me with a renewed perspective and encouraged me to continue pursuing a business model centered around sustainability, something I began researching for a number of years prior. Since the trip, I founded a company called Olive Ridley, focused on branding  a premium recycled-content paint. Our product is manufactured using 95% post-consumer recycled content (paint). I am so grateful I was presented with the opportunity to visit Sinal  and hope to inspire individuals and organizations to pursue a similar circular economic approach."