Academics Plan

Spring 2021 Semester Begins February 5, 2021

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Wehle School of Business, and the School of Education and Human Services will begin the Spring 2021 semester on February 5, 2021. 

Spring 2021 Semester

The spring semester will be expanded by a week to add five non-instructional (break) days (cura personalis days) and a reading day in the hope that these breaks will help reduce stress and burnout and will improve mental health. Exams will now end on May 22.   Please see below for important dates:

  • Friday, February 5 - First day of class.
  • Tuesday, March 16 – cura personalis day (no classes held). 
  • Thursday, March 25 – cura personalis day (no classes held
  • Friday, April 2 – Good Friday (no classes – this was already scheduled as a day off)
  • Monday April 5 – cura personalis day (no classes held)
  • Wednesday, April 14 – cura personalis day (no classes held)
  • Thursday, May 13 – last day of classes
  • Friday, May 14 – reading day (no classes)
  • May 17-22 – Exam week

The addition of break days will affect the scheduled date of Commencement, but we do not have plans for Commencement at this time in light of New York State’s restrictions on public gatherings. Information will be provided as soon as the college has a clearer picture of what guidelines will be in place in the May-June timeframe.


Multi-Modal Learning

Students will continue to participate in a “multi-modal” learning experience.  Because of social distancing requirements, Canisius is combining high quality interactions in the classroom with online content. This means that the college is prepared to engage students regardless of whether they are in the classroom or learning remotely. Canisius is also maximizing the use of additional campus spaces for classes to provide as much face-to-face instruction as possible.  Classrooms are set for social distinacing and require face coverings.

In the event that any of our students encounter challenges or barriers to a successful learning experience, the faculty, in coordination with the Griff Center for Academic Success, is available to work with them to address their needs.

Online Learning Request for 2021 Semester

Students who wish to be online for the entire spring 2021 semester can now complete the Online Learning Notification Form. This form, also linked on the myCanisius portal for future reference, must be completed by Friday, February 12 @ 11:00 pm. Upon completion, faculty members will be able to view your online status from their course rosters and plan their course delivery accordingly. 

Please note, synchronous or in-person courses will still meet as scheduled regardless of a student’s online status. Therefore, you must be available to meet online during that scheduled class time. In addition, this form cannot be used to pick individual courses to take online. This form should be filled out only if you wish to attend all of your courses online this spring. If your program or the courses you’ve registered for are already fully online, you do not need to complete this form.  If you plan to take some or all of your courses online, please consult with your advisor during the registration process to find fully online courses that work with your schedule. 

Once you submit the Online Learning Notification Form for Spring 2021, a code of online (ON) will be added to your student record. This will indicate to your faculty that you are attending courses virtually and they will plan accordingly for the online delivery of the course. Coding from Fall 2020 will not carry over into Spring 2021. If you were online in the fall and wish to continue online next semester, please resubmit this form so you are properly coded in the spring.


This form will close on Friday, February 12, 2021 at 11:00 pm. If you complete this form and wish to remove your online status before February 12, please email Emily McGorry at The ON code will be removed and faculty will be notified that you will be attending class on campus. If you wish to change your status to attend classes in person after February 12, please email each of your professors to request this change and make the necessary arrangements.


If you have further questions regarding this process and your courses, please contact your associate dean:

Phil Reed at (College of Arts & Sciences),

Lorrei DiCamillo at (School of Education & Human Services)

Laura McEwen at (Wehle School of Business).


All non-essential college-sponsored travel outside of Western New York (WNY) is cancelled. Essential travel in WNY will be evaluated for approval on a case by case basis. Personal travel is discouraged. Anyone who does travel must adhere to NYS travel advisory guidelines and restrictions, including quarantine requirements. Any college related travel (including college-sponsored groups traveling locally) must be approved through the travel authorization process, which requires the area vice president’s signature.

Student Support

In the event that students encounter challenges or barriers to a successful learning experience, the faculty, in coordination with campus Student Support Resources and Services, are available to address needs.