Communication Studies Student Letter

Joshua LinkI am a junior majoring in communication studies and minoring in music and criminal justice. Canisius College was my first pick for schools, and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to study here. It has been nothing short of a life-changing experience.

The communications program is incredible. I have gotten to work very closely with my professors, who take an interest in my success. Just this past semester, I did a project for Dr. Irwin’s class with 103.3 The Edge, a rock radio station in Buffalo. My group was assigned the band interview, where we held our own Edge Session with USS, a popular Canadian band. Working with the people at the station was a great opportunity since broadcasting is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I was able to learn a lot about how radio stations function by actually being there and working hands-on. I have only dreamed of a career in radio, but Canisius is making it a reality. 

Finally, there is one thing you should know going into your college career. Networking is everything. So get out there and meet new people—you never know what you’ll find. At Canisius, you will find a community that is always supportive and everyone will help you chase down your dream!

Joshua Link




Joshua Link

Canisius College, Class of 2020