Domestic Service-Immersion Trips


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Erie Benedictine Community, Erie, PA

Dates: Sunday, January 7-Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cost: $200

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie are a group of Catholic, religious women who live together in a monastery in Erie and have committed their lives to presence and witness by working for sustainability and justice.  Students on this trip will stay at the monastery and experience the sisters’ daily life of prayer while participating each day in their ministries throughout the city of Erie, Pennsylvania.  Volunteer opportunities include education centers for adults and children, a community center for disabled adults, after-school programs for underprivileged children, a children’s art house, soup kitchens, a food bank, and endless opportunities to help the sisters at the Mount. Evenings will be spent reflecting with the sisters on the experiences of the day.


Grow Ohio Valley in Wheeling, West Virginia

Dates: Sunday, January 7-Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cost: $275

Grow Ohio Valley’s Food Justice Immersion provides an alternative break experience to build social awareness around food justice. With a blend of experiential learning and solutions-oriented service, students explore food justice through the prism of poverty, disability, food subsidies, social services, food deserts, nutrition, health, urban agriculture, food industry economics, and family food insecurity.

Students will explore the systemic nature of food justice issues through meetings with healthcare professionals, farmers, soup kitchens, beekeepers, community gardeners, and others working to create a just and sustainable food system.  Because we are traveling in January and out of the growing season, the focus of this food justice immersion experience will be on hunger and homelessness and becoming agents of social change in our home communities.  

Syracuse Northside CYO, Syracuse, NY

Dates: Sunday, January 7-Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cost: $200

Catholic Charities Northside CYO is an organization in Syracuse, NY dedicated to resettling refugees, many of whom have fled their countries because of war or oppression.  They greet refugees at the Hancock international Airport and assign them case managers who help resettle refugees into their new communities through accessing jobs, learning English, navigating the paperwork to access social services and medical care and offering legal support.


Students will partner with the Catholic Charities CYO and work within a combination of five CYO programs: refugee resettlement, helping in pre-K classrooms, working in inclusive classrooms, assisting with an after-school program, and work with disabled teens and refugees. Catholic Charities serves a large refugee community in the Syracuse area. Participants will be working with local Jesuit Volunteers and engage the local JVC community with an evening reflection.