Economics Student Letter

My name is Justin Begley. I am a junior studying economics and finance at Canisius. I can imagine that you’re nervous about the college decision process. Believe me, I had the same experience. Now, I can confidently say that enrolling at Canisius was one of the best decisions of my life!Justin Begley canisius

Visiting the school and talking with students and professors made all the difference. I immediately felt Canisius’ family-like atmosphere because everything made me feel at home. Getting involved on campus has been key. My experience is that no matter where you find your niche, you will find lifelong friendships in the Canisius community. 

Among Canisius’ best characteristics is the small class size, which allows students to build relationships with professors. I am able to meet personally with them anytime. Whether it be for extra help or just conversation, professors are happy to take the time. They are some of the most passionate people I have ever met. They love what they teach and work to help students succeed in both the classroom and in life.

The economics professors here at Canisius have helped me to realize my ambitions and passions, which has geared me toward pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics after I graduate.

I would encourage you to visit campus to get a feel for the community at Canisius. It was the most helpful thing for me when I was choosing schools. I hope you consider Canisius. 


Canisius student signature

Justin Begley 
Canisius College, Class of 2020