Education Student Letter

I was very stressed about the college decision. So many questions to answer. What’s the best school? What’s the best “fit”? Can I even afford this? I struggled to think through it all.Jesse Brodka

Canisius came up on top. And I’ll be honest—there was never any special moment for me, like some “feel” to the place, a sign-from-the-sky that let me know it was the right school. But the people—they were kind, welcoming and authentic. I felt a strong community on campus and that really made the difference.

Now almost two years in, I’ve found that community all over campus, especially in the School of Education and Human Services. The professors are incredible—they use their own classes to demonstrate teaching strategies that work. And with small class sizes, I’ve gotten to know all my professors. Each one has become both a personal mentor and a valuable professional connection.

At Canisius, education majors are placed in local schools from day one. We observe some of the best teachers in Buffalo, and our field placements begin in the very first semester. I came into college with a major in adolescence education, concentrating in math. But from being out in the classroom, I saw that English was a better fit, and I’ve switched concentrations. Now I’m more excited than ever! Maybe Canisius can help you find that same passion.

Take care,

Jesse Brodka

Jesse Brodka 
Canisius College, Class of 2021