European Union Simulation

EuroSim is an international, Intercollegiate simulation of the European Union (EU). Canisius College is one of the founding members of the international consortium that sponsors EuroSim, which was created in 1987 and is the world’s longest running annual simulation of the EU. EuroSim is held in alternating years in the United States (US) and Europe and entails about 200 students and faculty from 15 colleges and universities on both sides of the Atlantic. The simulation takes place over four days and has a different policy theme each year, such as refugees, energy, data protection, social welfare, and border management. Students learn about the EU while honing their public speaking and negotiating skills in a multicultural environment. To qualify for the EuroSim experience in Europe, students must have first participated successfully in the simulation in the US, taken Dr. Occhipinti’s course on the EU (PSC 355), and attended weekly, preparatory meetings.

Credit Information: PSC 355 3 credit course required in conjunction with the trip

Cost: The cost of EuroSim varies from $75.00 when held in the US to $500.00-$1,500.00 when in Europe

When it will run again: March 2019 in NYS and January 2020 in Hamburg, Germany

Contact Info: Dr. Occhipinti (