Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

The Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice is an annual gathering for members of the Ignatian family (Jesuit institutions and members of the larger church) to come together in the context of social justice and solidarity to learn, reflect, pray, network, and advocate together. It is a place where people are empowered, re-energized, inspired, challenged, and supported by a community that sees faith and justice integrally linked. The Teach-In is a program of the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

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Why We Gather

We gather each year to understand the social justice priorities that the Jesuits ask the entire Ignatian family (all Jesuit High Schools, Colleges, and Parishes) to embrace for the year.  We attend in order to inspire justice movements back on Campus and to gain knowledge on the various priorities in order to return to campus to inspire others and conduct events to raise awareness of the injustices in the world. 

We do this in the spirit of the Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador, who along with their two companions were murdered in at the University of Central America in 1989. Together, we commemorate their lives and ministry and seek inspiration to discover the injustices of today and how we might engage in them.

Applications for 2018 are available in the Campus Ministry office, OM 207 and are due by Tuesday, September 18 by 5pm.

Questions? Contact Kaitlyn Buehlmann at 716-888-2422 or buehlmak@canisius.edu