Griff Parents

We are excited to be a part of your family's college journey.  This marks an important milestone in your student’s life; one that is brimming with opportunities to learn and grow, to become a leader, to be an individual with and for others, to develop a habit of mindful reflection and inquiry, to serve others and to actively pursue rich experiences that will pave a path to the future. Your student will thrive in a welcoming environment designed to ensure his or her personal and spiritual development and professional success.

As a parent, guardian or family member, your role is vitally important in helping your student make the most of his or her college experience. The Griff Parent program was created as a resource for you; providing a point of contact, timely and informative resources and gentle pat on the back you may need to actively support your student’s experiences while at Canisius.

The Griff Parent program is a component of the Griff Center for Academic Engagement which offers a holistic approach to assisting students as they navigate college life. The Griff Center provides comprehensive programs, services and resources to support your student’s personal growth, academic success and career goals.

Just as your student has the support of the Griff Center, it’s my hope that the Griff Parent program will enable you to understand and embrace your new role as a college parent. Enjoy this new journey with your student!

Donna Ortolani
Senior Counselor and Parent Program Coordinator
Griff Center for Academic Engagement