All-College Honors Program

Challenge Yourself

The All-College Honors program at Canisius offers an extraordinary educational experience to a diverse group of motivated, high-achieving students. This select group represents the top 10 percent of our applicants who have excelled academically in high school and on college entrance exams. All-College Honors graduates are consistently accepted into the nation’s top graduate and professional schools and have high placement rates into jobs within their career fields.    

Honors provides a challenging curriculum and abundant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to nurture the academic, cultural, and social growth of its students.

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Student Stories

Adam Zyglis '04Adam Zyglis

Honors program graduate, Adam Zyglis ’04, has been working full time at The Buffalo News as their political cartoonist. “Because of the All-College Honors Program, I have my current job and I have a Pulitzer Prize,” says Zyglis. “My Jesuit education taught me to think critically and to find my voice as an artist, and for that I am grateful.”

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Madeline Beaulieu '20Madeline Beaulieu

Madeline Beaulieu '20, soccer player and honors student has been named offensive player of the week, proving that our honors students are multi-faceted by excelling in clubs or sports and in the classroom as well.

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Anthony Shelley '84Canisius honors program student 

“The rigorous writing and analysis required in the All-College Honors Program was the best preparation for becoming a lawyer,” Shelley says.  “I am constantly making oral arguments, much like when we presented in class.”

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Program Overview

Learn about the academic requirements and expectations of the All-College Honors program along with the benefits and highlights of participation.

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Explore the mission, history and administration of the All-College Honors program.

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Giving to Honors

Contribute to All-College Honors to ensure the success of present and future students.

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Canisius Stories

Traveling Outside the Comfort Zone

Canisius students get a sobering look at American history.

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