Endowed Support

At Canisius, students experience state-of-the-art living and learning environments, outstanding academic programs, unique research and internship opportunities, faculty from the best universities nationwide and enhanced extracurricular programs.

However, tuition and fees do not cover the actual cost of a Canisius education. That’s why each year, 87 percent of students receive scholarship support beyond state and federal aid.

Endowments for scholarships, as well as academic programs and professorships, provide dependable funds, year after year, for their designated programs.

"Without your generosity, all of my experiences and self-growth that I have been able to enjoy would not have been possible.  It is because of people like you, those that give out of the kindness of their heart to better others, that is what truly makes a difference." - Connor Gust '17 - Recipient of the Robert G. & Elisabeth Wilmers Scholarship


  • Setting Up An Endowed Scholarship
  • The Promise of Stewardship
  • Q&A

Clayton Shanahan '18, Recipient of the Baldwin/Fasanello Scholarship

“You are not only contributing to my education, but my very personal development of ‘self.’  Because through my educational experience I’ve been able to learn why I wake up every morning, what moves me at the most unexpected times and why I choose to live my life with so much love.” - Clayton is pictured here with Pradeep, a young student from Kuppayanallur, India, while on an immersion trip.