Mathematics Faculty Scholarship

Faculty Scholarship

Our faculty members are first-rate scholars in their own fields. Highlghts include:

  • Terrence Bisson (PhD, Duke University): Dr. Bisson does his research on Algebraic Topology and Category Theory. He has been a co-director of the NSF funded REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program. Currently, he runs Math Circles for area school students.
  • James Huard (PhD, Pennsylvania State University): Dr. Huard’s area of research is in Number Theory. He has published numerous articles on the subject, and co-edited three volumes of Collected Papers.
  • Byung-Jay Kahng (PhD, University of California Berkeley): Dr. Kahng's research area is in Functional Analysis and Operator Algebras. He was awarded a Fulbright research abroad grant for his stay in Belgium 2012-2013. He was also a co-director for the REU program.
  • Leonid Khinkis (PhD, Voronezh State University): Dr. Khinkis does his research in Statistics, in particular Non-linear Regression. His research has applications to pharmaceutics. He is currently the chair of the Western New York Chapter of the American Statistical Society.
  • Christine Kinsey (PhD, University of Maryland): Dr. Kinsey’s area of research is in Topology. In addition to published articles, she authored several textbooks on geometry and topology.
  • Jonathan Lopez (PhD, University of Rochester): Dr. Lopez does his research in Algebraic Topology. In addition to his work on topology, he has experience working as an actuary for BlueCross BlueShield, which gives him a unique perspective as he advises the students.
  • Adina Oprisan (PhD, University of Texas Arlington): Dr. Oprisan’s research area is in Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes. She also taught and advised students on various applications of probability theory in financial mathematics, actuarial mathematics and statistics.
  • Anthony Weston (PhD, Kent State University): Dr. Weston’s research is in Functional Analysis. He is a prolific researcher and is recognized internationally for his work. He holds a joint appointment as a Research Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences at the University of South Africa.