Professional Experience at Canisius

Outstanding connections to the professional community and career advisement from the college's Griff Center lead Canisius students to high-level internship opportunities throughout Western New York and the U.S.  Here, students tell their stories of how Canisius made these opportunities possible and how the experiences have prepared them for the next step in their careers.  

Alexis Book: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Alexis lived and worked in Pittsburgh thanks to a Canisius fellowship. 

Lee Locklear: Buffalo Sabres

As an intern with the NHL Buffalo Sabres, Lee played an integral role during live broadcasts on game day. 

Tom Radder: U.S. House of Representatives, Office of Erie County Executive

Political connections at Canisius gave Tom internship opportunities in Washington, DC and in the office of the Erie County executive.

Jeff Spencer: M&T Bank

Participation in Canisius' Golden Griffin Fund program along with internships at Citigroup Buffalo prepared Jeff for his new position in M&T's Management Development Program.

Kate Campanaro

Canisius' connections with local schools and teachers gave Kate the opportunity to experience many different classroom settings. 

Abby Schwenk

Canisius supported Abby's pursuit of being a Division I basketball player and being pre-med