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Health Information for Graduate Students

Health Requirements

New York State Immunization Requirements

All graduate students, born on or after Janaury 1, 1957, and registered for 6 or more credits are required by New York State to submit proof of measles, mumps and rubella, and to complete the meningitis response form.  This information must be submitted before starting classes.

Graduate students who are taking 6 credits in one semester but they are a combination of on line and on campuses are required to comply.

Graduate students enrolled in on line programs with a residency requirement or “modified on line” format must comply during the first semester registered at the college.

To download the required Graduate Immunization Form, click here.

To submit your meningitis response form, click here.

Deadline for Submission of Information  

Deadline for submission of all immunization records is 30 days after the start of the semester. Students who do not comply will have their current semester registration cancelled preventing completion of coursework. Graduate students who reside on campus will be required to vacate college housing. These actions are required by New York State Laws. Read detailed information about immunization requirements and compliance options.

Health Insurance

Canisius College recommends that all graduate students have health insurance.

To read about the plan offered by Canisius, click here.

Student Health Services

Student Health services are available to all graduate students currently enrolled and attending classes, both full time and part time. Services are offered regardless of age, sex, race, disability, religion, health insurance, ability to pay, national origin, veterans status, marital status or sexual identity.

Graduate students seeking care in Student Health are required to submit a medical history and consent to treat form. This form is available on myCanisusHealth or in Student Health.

To view available services click here.

Emergency Contact

All graduate students are strongly encouraged to provide the college with an emergency contact.

In the event of a life threatening emergency, Student Health or another college official will notify your contact.  Provide your emergency contact information to the registrar’s office before your first day on campus.