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Students who are Citizens of the United States

Canisius College will not offer a student health insurance plan for students who are citizens of the United States beginning with the 2016-2017 academic year.

Students currently enrolled in the 2015-2016 student health plan will have health insurance coverage until August 14, 2016. Student Health recommends that these students go the marketplace as soon as possible to learn how the marketplace works and how to locate a plan that meets their health needs. More information and links to the marketplace are found on this page under the Affordable Care heading.

For assistance locating a plan or for questions please contact Student Health at 716-888-2610 or M and T Insurance Agency at 716-651-4220

International and Canadian Students 

International students studying on an F 1 Visa, both undergraduates and graduates, will be required to purchase the Canisius College international student insurance plan designed specifically for them for the 2016-17 academic year. Information about the plan, including cost and enrollment will be available after March 2016 at International Student Programs.

Canadian students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to have health insurance while a student at Canisius College.   The international student insurance plan is open to all Canadian students who wish to purchase a comprehensive health plan for use in the United States. Information about that plan, including cost and enrollment will be available after March 2016 at International Student Programs.

Canisius College strongly recommends that all students have health insurance either through a parent/guardian or individual plan. In the event of sickness or injury, uninsured students may put off seeking medical treatment. Knowing this, Canisius College sponsors an accident and sickness plan for all students enrolled for six or more credits. This plan has been arranged by M &T Insurance Agency, through the Allen J. Flood Company. View details about this plan.

Accident and Accidental Death Benefit

All full time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the Basic Accident Medical Benefit and Accidental Death Benefit outlined in the plan above. The Basic Accident Medical plan pays for medical expenses associated with a covered accident up to $5,000.  The Accidental Death Benefit pays the Principal Sum of $10,000 for loss of life related to an injury. View details about this plan.

Affordable Care Information

The Health Care Marketplace is another option for students needing health insurance. Please visit these web sites to learn more. for all US citizens and for New York State Residents.