Intersession Classes-Undergraduate

Tackle a core class. Explore a new interest. Whatever you choose will push you ahead in your schedule and could boost your GPA.

Intersession Dates:
January 4, 2021 – February 4, 2021


Registration for the intersession begins on November 2, 2020.

The Canisius Intersession is open to:

  • Current Canisius College Undergraduate students who wish to complete required courses, acquire additional credits toward a degree, or address previous deficiencies.  You may be eligible for Student Success and Financial Aid  assistance.  Please see details below.
  • Deposited Spring 2021 transfer students.
  • Undergraduate students enrolled at another institution who wish to complete required courses and/or acquire additional credits toward a degree.
  • Undergraduate adult learners who may want to explore opportunities in higher education.  Note: Registration for the intersession does not in and of itself constitute admission to the college or to any degree program.

See the undergraduate courses offered during the intersession below:

CRN Subject Code Catalog Number Course Title Meeting Pattern INstructor Attributes
21544 CLS 207 Mythology & Literature Does Not Meet Nathaniel Durant Online (asyncronous meeting)
21545 CLS 220 Roots of Medical Terminology Does Not Meet Kathryn Williams Online (asyncronous meeting)
21553 COM 203 Writing for the Public Media Does Not Meet Edward Taylor Online (asyncronous meeting)
21554 COM 414 Issues in Integrated Marketing Communication Does Not Meet Sara Catherine Foster Online (asyncronous meeting)
21542 ENG 111 Academic Writing Does Not Meet Angela Fulk Online (asyncronous meeting)
21543 ENG 112 Writing about Literature Does Not Meet Edward Taylor Online (asyncronous meeting)
21539 FAH 101 Caves/Colosseum/Cathedrals Does Not Meet Yvonne Widenor Online (asyncronous meeting)
21540 FAM 123 World Musics Does Not Meet Tiffany Nicely Online (asyncronous meeting)
21534 HON 451 Thesis Does Not Meet   Experiential (off campus)
21549 KIN 494 Capstone in Kinesiology Does Not Meet Timothy Seil Online (asyncronous meeting)
21546 MAT 105 Finite Mathematics Does Not Meet Mi-Ae Kim Online (asyncronous meeting)
21547 MAT 106 Calculus for the Non-Sciences Does Not Meet Samuel Akinbami Online (asyncronous meeting)
21548 MAT 131 Statistics for Social Sciences Does Not Meet Emily Schultz Online (asyncronous meeting)
21538 PHI 241 Ethics Does Not Meet Sean Johnston Online (asyncronous meeting)
21555 PSY 201 Basic Stats for Behavorial Science Does Not Meet Charles Goodsell Online (asyncronous meeting)
21541 RST 101 Intro to Religious Studies Does Not Meet Jonathan Lawrence Online (asyncronous meeting)
21557 SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology Does Not Meet TBA Online (asyncronous meeting)
21556 SOC 111 Social Problems Does Not Meet Secil Ertorer Online (asyncronous meeting)

For course descriptions and prerequisites visit our online catalog

Intersession Undergraduate Tuition & Fees


$900/credit hour

College Fee

$15/credit hour

Technology Fee

$10/credit hour

Billing and Financial Aid Information:
• Students registered for the intersession will be billed at a per credit hour rate on December 14, 2020 with a bill due date of January 20, 2021.
• Students who are also registered for spring 2021 courses will be billed for those spring courses on December 21, 2020 with the same bill due date of January 20, 2021.  Students can pay the intersession bill and the spring 2021 bill at the same time.
• Students should be careful not to use the intersession term to reduce your spring 2021 course load, especially if it takes you below fulltime status for the spring 2021 semester and jeopardizes your financial aid eligibility as a fulltime student.
• No Canisius Academic, Canisius need based grants, Federal Aid (Pell, SEOG, Federal Loans), or NYS awards (TAP) will be awarded in the intersession semester.
• Students may use any spring 2021 financial aid refund to pay towards the intersession.
• Students may apply and be eligible for private loans for the intersession semester.

The Student Success Assistance Program is an opportunity for current Canisius College undergraduate students to get back on track academically by taking intersession courses at Canisius College at a discounted rate. For more information including eligibility requirements, please contact the Griff Center at (716) 888-2170 or visit them in Old Main 013.

Students From Other Institutions

Undergraduate students currently enrolled at another college/university are required to submit the following documents:
• A completed application for registration (download the application here);
• An unofficial transcript from your home school for verification of possible course prerequisites; and
• A copy of your state-issued driver's license with your picture
Note: Undergraduate students currently enrolled at another college or university should complete the proper paperwork at their home school to receive permission to complete an intersession course at Canisius College.

Contact Us:

If you have questions or need further information, please contact one of our offices below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Student Records & Financial Services Center

Griff Center (For Undergraduate Admissions Questions)
(716) 888-2170