SPA 456 & 457: Courses in Cuba

Canisius has a unique program in Cuba where students live with families, take classes in Spanish language (with a Cuban flair), as well as a course on Cinema of the Revolution, and another on Cuban History, Culture, and Politics. In addition, students gain an intimate knowledge not just of Havana, but also of the provinces.

Credit Information:  When run in summer, 6 credits; when run over Winter Break: 3 in Fall, 3 in Spring. (SPA 456 & 457)

Cost: Approximately $4,000

When it will run again: The last week of December through the first 2-3 weeks of January. This is also run as a summer term during even numbered years the end of May through end of June. (usually even numbered years)

Contact info: Dr. Richard Reitsma (