Domestic Service-Immersion Trips

Winter Service Week is currently on hiatus due to COVID-19

Erie Benedictine Community, Erie, PA

Cost: $200

Wheeling Winter Service Week immersion

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie are a group of Catholic, religious women who live together in a monastery in Erie and have committed their lives to presence and witness by working for sustainability and justice.  Students on this trip will stay at the monastery and experience the sisters’ daily life of prayer while participating each day in their ministries throughout the city of Erie, Pennsylvania.  Volunteer opportunities include education centers for adults and children, a community center for disabled adults, after-school programs for underprivileged children, a children’s art house, soup kitchens, a food bank, and endless opportunities to help the sisters at the Mount. Evenings will be spent reflecting with the sisters on the experiences of the day.

Grow Ohio Valley in Wheeling, West Virginia

Cost: $350

Grow Ohio Valley’s Food Justice Immersion provides an alternative break experience to build social awareness around food justice. With a blend of experiential learning and solutions-oriented service, students explore food justice through the prism of poverty, disability, food subsidies, social services, food deserts, nutrition, health, urban agriculture, food industry economics, and family food insecurity.

Students will explore the systemic nature of food justice issues through meetings with healthcare professionals, farmers, soup kitchens, beekeepers, community gardeners, and others working to create a just and sustainable food system.  Because we are traveling in January and out of the growing season, the focus of this food justice immersion experience will be on hunger and homelessness and becoming agents of social change in our home communities.  

Rust Belt Reimagined: Flint Water Crisis, Flint/Detroit, MI

Cost: $350

Since April 24, 2014 Flint, MI has been without clean water.  On this immersion, you’ll learn more about the history of the water crisis and where things stand today.  Then, we will continue our exploration of the Rust Belt by traveling to Detroit.  This immersion is a mix of learning from community partners about the realities of life in the Rust Belt and direct service in sites such as food pantries, after school programs and other non-profits.  We will also spend time with volunteers participating in a year of service with Mercy Volunteer Corps in Detroit and gain an inside look at post-grad service.  Participants can expect to explore how history, race, and income have all influenced the development of these cities and discover the resilient spirit that defines the Rust Belt region and its residents today.

***Please note that participants on this immersion must have a passport or an Enhanced Driver’s License, as we will be traveling through Canada***