Media/Creative Arts Clubs

Canisius Film Society will enrich the understanding and appreciation for motion picture films, through personal projects, speakers, presentations, viewings, and collective studies.

Digital Media Arts Club aims to provide a source of networking between not only Digital Media Arts students, but all students and clubs at Canisius while fostering an atmosphere for creative expression and the exchange of ideas through collaboration.

The Griffin: The campus newspaper written for and by Canisius students, beginning in 1937.

Griffin TV is the public service tv network of Canisius College. Found on channel 4.1 on campus, we deliver sports, news, morning, and late-night programming, as well as live events throughout the year. Membership is open to ANY Canisius student.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA): A professional student society with a national affiliation that provides students with an understanding of the public relations field within the Canisius community. Events are aimed at establishing professional contacts and include guest speakers, attending PRSSA meetings, and the annual PRSSA National Conference.

Quadrangle: An annual literary magazine comprised of selected materials from Canisius students. Events include reading and writing workshops, and literary readings.

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) promotes the field of journalism and the free flow of information to the public.  As a club, its members hope to create a positive reputation of journalism and educate others about journalistic issues.

The Wire is the one and only Canisius College Radio Station allowing students to conduct their own radio shows on a weekly basis. We also provide music for events on campus.