Academic Interest Clubs

American Sign Language Club educates and informs members of the Canisius community about American Sign Language and deaf culture.  It provides a vehicle for its members to practice the signing skills they have or to start learning the language.

Association for Women & Men in Communication (AWMC): Members of this club are interested in majoring in communication studies, taking courses in communication studies and exploring careers in communication.

Classics Club: The objective of this organization shall be to supply all students at Canisius College with an understanding of the classics as a discipline. Films, speakers, discussions, etc. will help achieve this goal.

Eurosim Foundation: The Eurosim Foundation exists in order to properly train and instruct members to participate in annual European Union simulations involving both New York State schools and European universities.

Fashion Industry Organization (FIO) exists to provide members with opportunities for professional development, further innovation, create ways for students to contribute to the community and fashion industry, and promote the FIT program at Canisius.

History Club: This club presents history majors with subjects of historical interest beyond the content of their courses and offers a series of public lectures. Events include historical projects and seminars.

Math Club binds Mathematics, Statistics, and Math Education majors together by promoting a love for and growth in mathematics.

Pedagogy Noir aims to address racial tension at Canisius as well as discuss hot topics in the media through a philosophical lens.

Phi Alpha Delta: This international law organization provides a bond between students and members of the bench and bar, for those considering a career in the legal profession. Events include lectures, panel discussions, test-taking strategies for the LSAT and mock trials. Meetings are held two times per month.

Philosophy Club promotes philosophical awareness and enrichment. We aim to fulfill this goal through exploration of the various intellectual communities found around Western New York.

Teachers' Education Club (TED) is a club that helps students on their way to becoming teachers.  It allows these students to learn more about their intended field while gaining colleagues and experience on the way.

Canisius Zoological Society: This club increases awareness of zoological activities. Events include animal related outings, whale and bird watching, as well as field trips to state parks.