Performance Troupe

The energetic Canisius College Performance Troupe, sponsored by the ALANA Student Center (ASC), is an amazing ensemble of undergraduate students which interprets and performs selected works of poetry, songs, and scenes from plays. The pieces performed are primarily designed and/or selected to bring attention to urban issues, particularly those faced by many people of color. Through their efforts, both individually and as a group, the Troupe strives to bring a greater appreciation of cross-cultural literature to audiences. The Troupe also seeks to address the needs and concerns of students who have trouble seeing the value of completing their education both at the high school and college level.

Since the creation of the Troupe in 1998 by the director of ASC, the Troupe has performed throughout the community at local high schools, and at Canisius College for free. The performances are open to members of the community and returning Canisius Alums. The Troupe usually consists of about eight members, with three or more attending each performance, depending on student’ schedules. Participation with the Troupe entails a serious commitment to the project, and is a great learning opportunity for the student interpreters.

“(The Troupe) strongly exemplifies the College’s mission of social responsibility and education through experience...It also reaches other valuable skills as well: working together as a group, learning to work with people of different backgrounds and cultural identities, making decisions as part of a diverse group, and representing the college in the community.”—Dr. Jane Fisher, Associate English Professor and Director, Women’s Studies Program, Canisius College