Stay Calm & Follow These Emergency Guidelines

How to Interact With a Distressed Student

  • Stay calm. Find someone to stay with him or her while calls are made to helping resources.
  • If a student directly threatens himself or herself or someone else, or otherwise behaves dangerously, immediate attention is needed. Call Public Safety: 716.888.2330 (24 hours), or the Police: 911. Public Safety will contact a counselor.
  • Stay with the student, or have someone stay with the student, until help arrives.

Life Threatening & Recent Traumatic Situations

If you believe that you or another student is:

  • potentially suicidal and/or homicidal or
  • has been sexually or physically assaulted, or
  • in your judgment, should be seen the same day for an emergency assessment

Call the Counseling Center at 716.888.2620 immediately.  Inform the receptionist that you need immediate assistance. The receptionist will inform you which counselor is available and what time you and/or the student should arrive at our office. For after-hours emergencies, contact Public Safety at 716.888.2330.

Imminent Danger

If you believe that you or another student is imminently homicidal or suicidal, (i.e., you believe that you or the student is quite likely to hurt himself/herself or someone else), call Public Safety at 716.888.2330 or the Buffalo Police at 911, and request an officer's presence immediately.