The Griff Center is comprised of professionals who are trained in student development; who offer academic and career assistance; and provide services tailored to address the diverse developmental stages of a student’s academic career. We possess the interpersonal skills needed to be able to help individuals with a wide range of specialized needs. 

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The Griff Center  |  Old Main 013
Tutoring and Study Center  |  Old Main 317
Veterans Lounge  |  Old Main 320
Employer Services Suite  |  Horan-O'Donnell 014


Academic Semester Hours
Monday - Thursday  |  8am-7pm
Friday  |  8am-5pm

Summer Hours
Monday - Friday  |  8:30am-4:30pm

Meet the Staff

Anne-Marie Dobies
Assistant Vice President / Director of The Griff Center for Academic Engagement

716.888.2170 |

Eileen Abbatoy
Associate Director | Career Development, Career Action Plan, Alumni Outreach

716.888.2170 |
Hilary Andelora
Senior Counselor | Tutoring Center & General Proctor Site

716.888.2485 |
Sierra Bonerb
Assistant Director | Accessibility Support and Veteran Support

716.888.2485 |
Tracy Callaghan
Senior Counselor | Freshmen Scheduling, Students of Concern, Medical Leave & Undecided Advisement

716.888.2170 |
Phil Ciallela
Assistant Director | New Student Orientation 

716.888.2170 |
Jennifer Herrmann
Assistant Dean for New Students | Transfer Student Services

716.888.2170 |
Donna Ortolani
Senior Counselor | Parent Program, Communication Plan, Career Development

716.888.2170 |
Julie Zulewski
Associate Director | Employer Relations & Internships

716.888.2170 |