Making the Transition

Some transfer students experience what is known as “transfer shock,” brought on by the unfamiliarity of the environment of a new college landscape. It often (but not always) results in a slight dip in grade point average (GPA). However, studies also show that the GPA recovers after a semester or two.

There are things new transfer students can do to minimize the “transfer shock.” We encourage all new students to get involved in on campus activities. Students can find a range of things to do, from volunteering with Campus Ministries to joining an intramural or club sport, from joining a club that explores common interests to signing up for Griffin Spirit week, students can find activities that will complement their academic, social, and recreational interests. Click here to see some options.

In addition, there is a professional staff member, Jennifer Herrmann, in the Griff Center, who is designated as the Transfer Student Liaison, and she can assist you with finding resources, solving problems, and settling in to become a Golden Griffin. She can be contacted at 716-888-2524, via email:, or stop in at the Griff Center, Old Main 013.