Transfer Policies

A transfer credit evaluation will be completed for transfer students who are accepted for admission to the college. A maximum of 60 credit hours may be transferred from two-year colleges, and at least 60 more credit hours must be earned at Canisius in order to be awarded the bachelor’s degree. Students transferring from four-year institutions must complete at least 30 credit hours at Canisius, including at least 18 in their major, in order to earn the Bachelor’s degree.

Transfer credit from accredited two- and four-year institutions of higher education is granted when the course objectives for the completed work are substantially the same as the course objectives at Canisius College. Transfer credit is awarded only for courses with a minimum grade of C- or better. If an Associate’s degree was earned by the student, all courses with a minimum grade of D or better will be considered for transfer credit.

For Teacher Certification candidates, a grade of C or better is required to transfer courses listed as major courses in teacher education, special education, health education, and athletic training programs. Once transcripts have been submitted to and reviewed by the Student Records and Financial Services Center, the student will meet with an Assistant/Associate Dean to review the transfer credit and register for classes.

The original grades in transferred courses will not be calculated into the Canisius grade point average (GPA), but the credits will be applied to the major, Core Curriculum, or as Free Electives (counting toward the 120 credit-hour requirement for the Bachelor’s degree).