Online Tutoring


Purpose & Program Overview

In an effort to provide writing tutor services to any Canisius student enrolled in online courses, the center offers an online writing tutor program. An online tutor is available to assist with a variety of writing assignments, but the tutor may not have knowledge of the specific academic discipline.  It is always recommended for students to work directly with their professors in regards to specific academic content.  Tutoring sessions are held via Skype and all written assignments must be uploaded into Google Docs. The tutor will review the written assignment with the tutee using Skype as the vehicle for communication. Tutees are asked to upload the written assignment to Google Docs and be ready to review and make corrections during the session. The tutor will review the written assignment in advance to determine the best course of action to take during the Skype session.

Steps to Arranging a Tutoring Session

1. Email the tutor directly at indicating that you need assist with a writing assignment in an online class. Please use your Canisius email address only. The tutor will only respond to a request for a tutoring session from an official Canisius email only. The tutor checks for emails once a day during business hours.

Please provide the following information in the email:

  • Student Name & ID #
  • Course (ex. GEO 325)
  • Instructor’s Name
  • Cell Phone #
  • Please include the instructions and/or requirements for the assignment as given by the instructor, as well as the length of the writing assignment and due date.
  • A list of dates/times within the next 3 business days that you are available to connect with the tutor.

2. The tutor will respond to the request for a tutoring session within 24 business hours. The tutor will always try to arrange a date and time for the session based on the hours of the tutees availability, while working in the timeframe of the center and the tutor’s availability. At the time the tutor will provide the Skype code for access and Google Doc instructions. (See below for instructional video tutorials.) To be consistent with the hours of operations within the center, the tutor will only respond within that time frame and sessions will only be held during these hours. The center’s hours of operation are: Sunday — 6-9pm; Monday through Thursday — 11am-9pm; and Friday — 11am-1pm.

3. The tutee is responsible for uploading the written assignment at the time of the session and is ready to meet via Skype. Each session usually run 15-30 minutes in length. At the time of the session, the tutor will review the written assignment with the tutee and offer suggestions on formatting, sentence structure, and grammatical errors. If the assignment is extensive, the tutor may need to schedule a few sessions be able to address the entire work. The tutor is only allowed to make suggestions; the tutor is not allowed to make direct edits to the assignment.

4. After the session, the tutor will record the session at the Tutoring Center and notification of the session will be sent to the professor if indicated for the tutee.

About the Tutor: David Carr ’09

David graduated from Canisius College in 2009 magna cum laude, as an English major and Philosophy minor. Since that time, he has worked in several different capacities in Student Academic Support Services at Canisius College. He is also a freelance writer and editor, and has experience using cloud-based software and conference call technology. He believes that tutoring students is about helping students convey their written arguments as clearly and persuasively as they can. He's excited to assist students in conveying their passion and point of view within the context of their assignments. David enjoys reading, listening to as much music as he can find, binge-watching television shows on Netflix, and analyzing every piece of pop culture that he find interesting.