Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Canisius College strongly recommends that all students have health insurance. The college does not offer a college-sponsored plan for our U.S. students but students can use the resources below to explore options. 

U.S. Students

Student who are citizens of the United States and in need of health insurance should visit one of these web sites to locate a health plan that meets their needs. All US citizens can visit New York State residents can also visit

M and T Insurance Agency

M and T insurance agency provides insurance assistance for Canisius College students. Contact the college agent by calling 716 651-4220 or email to The college agent is also available on campus throughout the academic year (September through May). To schedule an appointment go to myCanisiusHealth or contact Student Health at 716 888 2610.

International and Canadian Students Health Insurance Plan

International students, both graduate and undergraduates, studying on an F1 Visa are required to purchase a health insurance plan designed for Canisius international students.

Canadian students are not required to purchase the international plan but are eligible to voluntarily enroll in the plan while a student at Canisius.

View details about the International and Canadian Health Insurance Plan here.