Medical Emergencies & After Hours Care

On Campus - Dial 716.888.2330

In the event of a medical or emotional emergency on campus, contact Public Safety by calling 716.888.2330.

Off Campus - Dial 911

In the event of a medical or emotional emergency off campus, dial 911.

After Hours Care

Students needing medical care when Student Health is closed can be treated at one of Western New York's urgent care centers. A list of these centers is available on myCanisiusHealth.

General Emergency Recommendations

It is important to remember these key points in any emergency situation.

Check the Scene
Before responding to any emergency, make sure the scene is safe for you, the victim, and any bystanders. Continue to assess the safety of the scene as you provide assistance.

Call for Help
Get emergency response help on the scene as soon as possible. If someone is with you, have them call 911. If you are alone, shout for help. If no one comes to help, and you have your cell phone, call 911. Put the cell phone on speaker and follow all instructions provided by the emergency response dispatcher. If you do not have a cell phone, and no one comes to help you, you should leave the victim and call 911.

Assist the Victim
Once the call is made for help, return to the victim and do what you can to assist them. Be careful not to expose yourself to blood or body fluid. If you have access to gloves, eye protection, CPR masks, etc., use these in assisting the victim. In general, it is best not to move the victim unless the scene is not safe.

Protect the Victim's Privacy
Keep information regarding the victim private. Do not share information with coworkers, friends, family, faculty, etc.. Provide information to emergency response personnel and designated college officials only.