Student Success Teams

Student success teams are made up of Canisius faculty and staff members that are here to support you from orientation through graduation.

Academic Advisor (primary)
• Assigned by the students’ respective academic department, this individual advises students on major requirements, meets with students to determine course registration, and mentors students in pursuit of their educational goals. The advisor is the only person that can give a student their registration pin.
• Example: Dr. Paola Fajarado-Heyward is an associate professor of political science and director of the Latin-American Studies and International Relations programs. Additionally, Dr. Fajarado-Heyward is assigned as the faculty advisor to some students in the political science department.

Success Coach
• A professional staff member who works in academic support services that can assist students with any non-advisement academic concerns and connect them with helpful campus resources. Success coaches help incoming first year students create their fall schedule, meet weekly with assigned students who are on academic probation as part of their academic recovery plan developed from the college/school associate dean, address student concerns submitted by faculty/staff, and assist with time management/study skills. Success coaches are assigned by college/school and work closely with their respective college/school associate dean.
• Example: Sierra Bonerb is the Director of Support Services and her primary responsibilities are the oversight of student accessibility services, the testing center, and veteran support services. Additionally, she serves as the success coach for students in the College of Arts and Sciences (last name K-S).

Career Coach
• A career development professional at Canisius who assists students with career/major exploration, resume reviews, practice interviews, and the internship/job search.
• Example: Sheila Pettigrew is the associate director of career development and her primary responsibilities include career/networking events, Griff Fair, and employer relations/stewardship. Additionally, she serves as the career coach for STEM majors, the HESAA program, and undergraduate business majors.

Financial Aid Advisor
• A member of the financial services team who can assist you with any financial aid questions or concerns you may have.
• Example: Mary Koehneke is the associate director of Student Records and Financial Services Center and she serves as the financial aid advisor for students in the Urban Learning Leadership Community (ULLC) program and student-athletes.

Where is your Student Success Team information located?

You can find your student success team listed in your student profile, under advisors. The neat part of your view is you can click on the name of the person and it provides the contact information. Please see our example student, Biff Tannen, below.