TEACH- Undergraduate Programs

The following links will provide the instructions for you to apply for your NYS Education Certificate.  Sign into your TEACH account to apply.  NYS Department of Education Office of Teaching Initiatives -www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/teach   *Please note: You are required to complete 3 years of teaching experience to appy for a Professional Certificate.

For STEP BY STEP instructions, click on the NAME OF THE PROGRAM.  TEACH CODES are listed to the right of the program name.



Adolescence ED: Biology 7-12   CODE 24292 Special Education 
Adolescence ED: Social Studies 7-12   CODE 24288 Special Education_Childhood  CODE 24285
Adolescence ED: Chemistry 7-12   CODE 24293 Physical Education  CODE 24295
Adolescence ED: Mathematics 7-12  CODE 24287 Physical Education/Health Education  CODE 28450
Adolescence ED: English 7-12   CODE 24286 Childhood/TESOL   CODE 39195
Adolescence ED: Physics 7-12   CODE 24294  
Adolescence ED: French 7-12   CODE 24289  
Adolescence ED: Spanish 7-12   CODE 24291  
Adolescence ED: German 7-12   CODE 24290