WNY Teacher Residency Student Stories

WNY CohortStudents who have completed the Canisius Western New York Residency praise the program for it's practical knowledge and the relationships built. 

Our first cohort has a 100% teaching job placement. 

Hear From Our Students

phoenix brownPhoenix Brown 

“Being part of the residency program has shown me that I made for this profession. The relationships I’ve built, from all my students to my coworkers, and fellow cohort members will be with me the rest of my life and I genuinely look forward to trying to plant that same feeling of certainty to my students for the rest of my career.” 

jess dillonJess Dillon 

"Every day, I have the opportunity to empower young voices, to encourage them to speak up and to stand out and to be brave in the face of adversity. They are learning not only how to change the world, but that they are the individuals who can make it happen."

seth ehrenbergSeth Ehrenberg 

“What I really enjoy about the WNYTR program is the fact that I’m in a classroom, building relationships with my students over the course of a whole year rather than just a 6-7 week placement. It makes it easier to understand their style of learning and make sure I’m adapting to all of their needs. In addition, my students are able to get to know me and can see the joy I have when teaching topics that I am passionate about.”

Savannah Jonathan savannah jonathan

“I loved being able to be in a classroom full-time, all year long. It has helped me develop into a better teacher by getting such a valuable experience. I can also apply what I am learning in my graduate classes in a live classroom. The relationships I have been able to build with my students, and the connections I have made I will always remember.”

gabby threetGabby Threet 

"I want to become an educator in the urban community to help students academically and to be a relatable teacher that can help students through their life circumstances. The teacher residency program allows me to learn how to meet my student's academic needs, while also teaching them to have a GRIT attitude."

Briana WilliamsBriana Williams 

“I can only dedicate this to you (WNYTR Co-director, Joyce Fanning). Thank you for everything. Because of you I have been prepared for one of the most challenging tasks I have had to date. Thank you! I will be forever grateful for you.”

“I enjoy having the opportunity to be fully immersed in one classroom from the beginning of the school year until the end. I have had the most meaningful connections with my students because of the relationship we have been able to develop and maintain!”