Young Writers Program

Teen Writing Workshop

In the Teen Writing Workshop, the focus is on creative writing. A workshop for motivated writers, students spend time each day with writing groups. There, they share their writing and grow from the guidance of their peers and mentor teachers. Participants benefit from a number of other activities, including visits from local authors, open mic sessions, and creating a print and audio anthology to publish their work.

Young Writers Camp

Each year, the Young Writers’ Camp is organized around a theme. Like the Teen Writing Workshop, the focus of the camp is to develop its participants’ creative writing skills.

During the week of camp, campers will work together both in small groups and individually to develop interesting and thoughtful pieces of writing. They will write poetry, mini-dramas, stories, songs, and more. In addition, the Young Writers always make videos during camp.
In past years, students have created infomercials for inventions, music videos, and travelogues.