Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Welcome to the Core Curriculum

At Canisius, we espouse the ideal of academic excellence along with a sense of responsibility to use one's gifts for the service of others and the benefit of society. In the spirit of our mission as an American Catholic Jesuit University, Canisius College offers a Core Curriculum founded in Jesuit pedagogy and tradition.

The Core demonstrates our highest aspirations for our students. Our faculty attend to cura personalis (care for the whole person) as we prepare students to be men and women who strive continually for magis ("something more").  The Core seeks to develop:

  1. A breadth of knowledge in the liberal arts with a view to developing faculties of reflection and judgment.
  2. A focused awareness of the human condition, as marked by both cooperation and conflict, and an understanding of the ways in which educated people of good will and good spirit have contributed thoughtfulness and understanding to human progress. 
  3. A foundation of skills that students need to turn their knowledge and understanding into academic productivity and social responsibility.

Core Curriculum Mission Statement

The Canisius College Core Curriculum is rooted in the humanistic ideals of the Catholic intellectual tradition and Jesuit pedagogy with its emphases on academic excellence, the dialogue of faith and reason, and service to humanity. 

The Core Curriculum seeks to provide Canisius students with a strong foundation in the humanities and liberal arts as the first step in a transformative experience that will expose them to the richness of human diversity and infuse them with a sense of service in the cause of justice for all peoples, but especially for the poor and marginalized of the world. 

At the same time, the Core Curriculum seeks to develop student skills in writing, oral communication, information literacy, and critical thinking that are essential for success in life regardless of the profession one chooses to pursue.  

Lastly, the Core Curriculum seeks to engage Canisius students with the spiritual dimension of human life in the hope that this will enable them to seek God in all things and become men and women for and with others in the pursuit of wisdom and magnanimity.
Revised: 24 July 2013

This site contains the following information:

  • Descriptions of Core goals, learning objectives, and requirements
  • Links to registration information
  • Guidelines for faculty concerning application for Core designation and assessment of Core learning objectives